ZOO TV – concept

This project promotes a new music channel:  ZOO TV. It presents only good music, from Classic Rock through Alternative to Electronic. Creating music full of strong rhythms, booming with a solid base and highly skilled, ZOO TV stars are performers of the highest calibre.  Put simply: they have talent. The ZOO TV identity is simple and solid. ZOO TV is interested only in GOOD MUSIC.

ZOO TV should always be represented by engaging, original and eye-catching advertising solutions. When commissioning artwork, using it to its the best advantage is the most important issue.

Since ZOO TV is a brand new channel, just starting out with its adventure in the world of advertising, it is very important to use images that will be associated with the logo. This will build audience recognition and formulate a strong picture of the station in the viewer’s mind. Because the ZOO TV logo is built from regular, repeated elements, using images with geometrical shapes will create the best effect.

The ZOO TV identity works best with centered frame imagery that has the logo on the left top corner and the name on the bottom right. Below you’ll find some excellent examples of images generated exclusively for the channel.


zoo_tv zoo_tv2

One of the most important aspects of this project are the animations that precede the start of the station’s programmes, clearly informing the viewer which channel they’re watching. As a promotional sequence, they are a critical part of the TV station’s brand identity.


Skills: Advertising, Branding, Design, Logos, Video
Client: ZOO TV