Brave Dragon Taekwondo Academy

This is my proposition for an advertisement campaign for Brave Dragon Black Belt Taekwondo Academy.Brave Dragon Taekwondo Academy Logo

The Academy provides Taekwondo classes for kids age 4+ in County Wexford, Ireland. They prepare their students to represent Ireland at The Olympics.

The aim of the project is to develop an advertising campaign that will increase awareness of the company and build a strong image of the organisation in the marketplace. The campaign was designed to catch kids’ attention and make them interested in joining the Taekwondo Academy.

The target markets are families with kids age 4+ and sports-minded individuals from the County Wexford area.

The Brave Dragon Black Belt Taekwondo Academy is presented as a reliable, powerful and strong brand. The school is family-friendly and respects the most important of life’s values, such as honour, ethics, friendship, loyalty and more. Taekwondo is not only about martial arts – it is about a lifestyle. It’s important to earn consumers’ trust in the brand. The main element of the campaign is the video.


Other elements of this campaign was the logo (shown above), A5 flyer, A1 poster, diploma, facebook interface and fully responsive website:

Brave Dragon promo materials

Skills: Advertising, Branding, Design, Logos, Video, Website
Client: Brave Dragon Taekwondo Academy Wexford